Friday, April 18, 2014

Review: Qdoba Queso

Sometimes when I leave work, the bar, the mall, my house, etc., I crave a meal with Qdoba queso. Maybe it’s because my second apartment in the City was near this beloved Mexican fast food establishment. I’ll always stay true to Qdoba’s original 3-Cheese Queso, but when I found out Qdoba was offering a limited time Queso Verde and a Queso Diablo I had to check it out!
Qdoba actually offers a “queso sampler” for those like me who are interested in trying these foreign queso flavors.
Also, let me preface that my spice tolerance only goes as high as eating a Taco Bell Mild sauce.
When I first tried the Queso Diablo and felt fire in my mouth, I wasn’t surprised as the kind woman scooping out my Qdoba warned that it was spicy. However, the Queso Diablo DOES have a smoky flavor to it instead of cheese - like if you had decided to put your mouth over a fire pit and inhale the smoke. I do not recommend eating Queso Diablo or putting your mouth in a fire.
My lunch partner, however, had the brilliant idea of asking for a cup of half Queso Diablo and half 3-Cheese Queso. We mixed it up and it tasted like 3-Cheese Queso with a hint of spiciness and smokiness (but much more enjoyable than if we’d had Queso Diablo by itself). It was about as spicy as a Taco Bell Mild sauce so much more doable to eat. I would only recommend ordering this if you want chips and queso and are looking for a slight spicy kick to your queso (which will still taste like queso).
Queso Verde reminded me of when parents try to sneak vegetables into not so healthy foods to get kids to eat healthier. I cannot confirm or deny that there are actual veggies in Queso Verde, but it tasted like vegetable cheese to my taste buds. I’m also not a fan of green salsas or the Taco Bell Border Salsa Verde, so potentially if you are a green salsa fan this might be a fit. Unfortunately it wasn’t for me.
If you still want to try Queso Diablo and Queso Verde even after my review, get to Qdoba before May 4th because after that it’s gone! Not to worry, they will continue to sell the famous 3-Cheese Queso we all know and love.
If you do head to Qdoba, I recommend signing up for Qdoba Rewards where you get free chips and salsa or a regular drink just for signing up. Every time you order a meal, you are on your way to earning rewards points that add up TO more free Qdoba!
  • Do not order Queso Diablo unless you like really spicy food and a strong smoky flavor to your cheese
  • Do not order Queso Verde unless you like cheese that tastes like vegetables, or you have an affinity for green salsas
  • Do order half Queso Diablo and half 3-Cheese Queso if you want a spicy kick to your chips and queso
  • Do ALWAYS order 3-Cheese Queso because it is the best ever


  1. I am gonna have to get the really spicy one next time because I love really spicy food. Can you also get it in the queso burritos? Imagine all three queso sauces mixed in on one burrito haha.

    1. If you like spicy, you'll probably like Queso Diablo! But you better hurry, I believe it's only in restaurants til early May. And yes, you can get the queso in the burritos!