Welcome to the (GREATEST!) food blog on the Web

Hi I’m Danielle! And I really like food. But not the foodie-type food. Moreso the food that kids eat, such as macaroni and cheese, hot dogs, pizza, Taco Bell, cheeseburgers, sandwiches, cheese slices, milk, anything at chain restaurants, and did I mention Taco Bell? I guess you could say I’m a child at heart, I just say I enjoy the simpler things in life on my plate. Or in my cereal bowl. Or in my (milk) glass.
Do you ever feel the need to educate others on the newest menu items at Chili’s? Or that new breakfast sandwich at McDonald’s? Or even that cool homemade dessert recipe for Dirt Cake? Yeah, you could say I’d talk hours and hours about that new French Fry recipe at (insert QSR here) and that’s what I’m here to do! Educate you on food and life, right here in this blog! You want to know about the latest and greatest Chipotle 50 layer burrito, I am there and will write about it HERE! (Note: currently there is no 50 layer burrito).
Welcome to this food and life-filled journey. You’re gonna love it.

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