Monday, February 20, 2017

Review: Unicorn Hot Chocolate

So Unicorn Hot Chocolate has been going around across Instagram for the last few weeks now, and I wanted to jump on that bandwagon.

Even though it was 60 degrees in the Chicago suburbs, it's never too warm for Unicorn Hot Chocolate, right?  So I set off with my faithful Danielle's Dish companion (today it was my sister) to Palatine, IL, to Christie's Dairy Delights see what Unicorn Hot Chocolate was all about.

We go up to the counter and order Unicorn Hot Chocolate, and decide to split one since, let's be real, does one person really need that much sugar?

But anyway, I'm the fool who decided to wait a bit before taking a photo to make sure I had the right lighting while also forgetting that hot chocolate is 'hot' and it is going to melt all of the marshmallows, whipped cream, candy, and cotton candy.  Which is why my Unicorn Hot Chocolate is 'sunken' if you will.

But what is it?  The hot chocolate itself isn't flavorful.  Actually, it didn't taste much like chocolate, it had a bland milky flavor and soaked up the flavors within the marshmallows and cotton candy (so it tasted like a light strawberry milk).

The drink is covered in whipped cream, topped with flavored marshmallows, a dollop of cotton candy, a giant marshmallow that has fruity flavors and coconut on it, and then a bunch of sugary candies.

But like for real - it was sugar rush with all of the candy and the cotton candy, and a bunch of the candy sunk to the bottom of the drink (which I proceeded to eat after I drank all of the 'cocoa') and needless to say I had a stomach ache.  So while it was awesome for a photo opp and it was the first time I've ever had a 'pink' cocoa, I don't think I'll be having this again.

But - this shop where we got Unicorn Hot Chocolate also had ice cream that looked totally legit.

  • Go get Unicorn Hot Chocolate if you want a picture.  I'd rather get a regular hot chocolate if I'm going for taste.  But the Unicorn Hot Chocolate does lead to a pretty cool Instagram photo.

Sunday, February 12, 2017

Review: Hoosier Mama Pie Company

So this is a review based on some pie that I had at Hoosier Mama Pie Company in Evanston, IL.  And it was awesome.

As a heads up, I'm not the person in the family to get excited about pie.  My husband is the one to talk about pie, wanting to bake a pie, or eating pie in general, but I'd rather have ice cream, cake, or even Boston Cream Pie (which I don't even consider a pie.  It's cake with a cream filling in the middle).

Anyway, I was in Evanston before picking up our dog from doggy daycare, and thought, why not?  I hadn't tried Hoosier Mama before.

However I was not the only one who wanted pie.  It took me 20 minutes to stand in line, order my pie, and get said pie.  This location is also a large coffee shop (Dollop Coffee Company) so there was a good mix of people wanting coffee and pie.

Anyway, after all that waiting, it was finally pie time.  I got my husband a slice of apple pie, and I got a slice of the s'mores pie.

The s'mores pie (which I am excited to review for you all) had a crust with a graham cracker consistency, a chocolate cream, and then the top was light, marshmallow-y, and airy with a 'campfire' like taste.  I hope they took a blow torch to the top of this pie.

Sure, I think I waited too long to get this pie, but I would be back.  My husband also loved his apple pie, if that's any consolation.

  • If you are in Chicago or Evanston and want some pie, I recommend you go to Hoosier Mama's and get the s'mores pie specifically.  But I've also heard good things about the apple...

Sunday, February 5, 2017

Review: Mango Lemonade from TBaar

First, some background on me – I love it when food is presented in fun ways.  Like, a slice of meat loaf that is decorated with condiments and veggies to look like a teddy bear.  Or an ice cream sundae that looks like a clown with a hat made from a sugar cone. 

So it’s no surprise that I wanted to go to TBaar in Chicago when I saw it was home to a place where I could get lemonade served in a light bulb.

TBaar has a few different lemonade flavors, such as cucumber and watermelon, but I was told mango was the most popular so that's how I made my decision to order mango.  Everything is made to order at TBaar, so it takes time to get your drinks (my lemonade took about 5 minutes) but that’s how you know it’s fresh.  So be patient.  

The mango lemonade DOES come in a light bulb, and it also has chunks of fruit in it (mango).  Once I got my finished drink and tried it, it tasted like a tropical beach.  Or maybe Sunny Delight but without as much of a fake flavor.  

Also, since the drink is in a light bulb, you could do something with the light bulb and recycle it.  I've been told some uses for the light bulb include making ornaments and terrariums.  That's definitely ambitious, but I guess people do it.

  • Try the Mango Lemonade at TBaar.  I happened to hit up the Chicago location in Little Italy, but there's a few different locations to choose from.