Sunday, April 20, 2014

Review: Bakers Square Honey Mustard Club Pita and Pie

I’ll be the first to admit I’d never been in a Bakers Square until the afternoon of Saturday, April 19th. We didn’t have Bakers Square (known for its baked goods) where I grew up, but I always got my dessert fix at our local Perkins. My co-worker, who also used to work at a Bakers Square, provided me with this restaurant recommendation last week and it did not disappoint (thank you Lisa!). She summed it up best by saying, “Casual Dining at its Finest - Bakers Square.” 
For those of you who’ve been to a Perkins before, Bakers Square is a similar setup. There are pies/baked goods in a case by the entrance, breakfast is served all day, and at the end of your meal the waitress hands you a check and you pay at a register which is conveniently located next to all of the pies. So if you didn’t already get a slice of pie with your meal, you will probably walk out of the restaurant with a pie anyway because who can resist staring at the French Silk Pie when you’re trying to pay your bill. And yes, I did order a slice of pie with my meal AND walk out of the restaurant with a whole pie.
Upon recommendation I ordered the Honey Mustard Club Pita, which is a fluffy, warm pita stuffed with bacon, carved turkey, ham, lettuce, tomatoes, and Swiss cheese, all melted and topped with Honey Mustard dressing and served with a pile of hot, golden french fries. Words can’t describe how filled this pita was - they aren’t messing around at Bakers Square and pictures say 1,000 words (or something like that).

I thoroughly enjoyed this pita, and wouldn’t hesitate to eat it again if I found myself at a Bakers Square. The drizzling of Honey Mustard dressing added a unique flavor to the pita sandwich. If you’ve had Chik-fil-A sauce, the Honey Mustard dressing was just as good - if not better. Actually, if they sold a jar of this stuff, I would have probably taken some home and used french fries, tater tots, chicken nuggets, burgers, bread, crackers, chips, etc. as dipping mechanisms for the Honey Mustard. However please note: if you aren’t a huge ham fan, I’d recommend asking for the pita without the ham. It was ham from the deli and not carved ham (like the carved turkey that came on my pita) and I didn’t understand why they didn’t stick with the symmetry of carved meats. When the waitress took my plate away, only the deli ham remained. Rest in peace deli ham, rest in peace.
Of course being at Bakers Square, I had to end my meal with a slice of pie. I tried a slice of OREO® Cookie Crunch and OH MAN. It literally TASTES LIKE OREO® COOKIE IN PIE FORM! There was a fluffy silk middle layer that tasted like the frosting, which was sandwiched between an upper and lower crust which had the same taste and consistency of a chocolaty cookie.

You may have noticed earlier that I said I also walked out of the restaurant with a whole pie. I got the French Apple pie for Easter Dinner, which brought me back to childhood with its apple crisp-like crust and sugary coating. These guys really know how to make their pies, and they make them well.
  • Order the Honey Mustard Club Pita without the ham
  • Ask for extra Honey Mustard dressing because you are probably going to want it
  • Get a slice of pie. Or a whole pie. No matter what you get from their bakery section I’m highly doubting you’ll go wrong. If you think otherwise, shoot me a note because I unfortunately did not have enough stomach space to try every pie.

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