Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Review: Bub City vs. PorkChop Mac and Cheese

I’m excited to announce I had Mac and Cheese twice in one day at two separate Chicago eateries! To further illustrate my love for this cheesy, noodle-y side dish/entrĂ©e, I'm that person who wishes I could eat Mac and Cheese at every meal! If you also fancy a piping hot dish of creamy Mac and Cheese, and you are in the Chicago area, here’s my take on two different Mac and Cheeses.
The first Mac and Cheese I had was at Bub City**, a country/barbecue joint in Chicago’s River North neighborhood. I ordered the Baby Back Mac, which is Bub City’s original Mac and Cheese with chopped, barbecued baby back rib meat and topped with melted cheese and green onions. The dish also came with poblano peppers but since I have a low spice tolerance I told the waiter to leave those out – be warned if you don’t like spice either.
My initial reaction was that the Mac and Cheese itself (i.e. just the cheese and the noodles) is something I’d order again – it had the right amount of cheese and creaminess. They must bake it in the oven because it comes in a little cast iron serving dish. 

However, the Baby Back Mac to me was a man’s Mac and Cheese – and by that, I mean I live with a man who thinks every meal should include at least one meat dish. This Mac and Cheese was too meaty. Every bite included a piece of the baby back rib meat, and honestly I savored the bites that did not include baby back rib pieces. I wish I’d ordered baby back ribs separately, and then ordered a side of the original Mac and Cheese (Bub City calls it Pheobe’s Classic Mac if you're looking on their menu).
**Note: Bub City is a Lettuce Entertain You restaurant, and I encourage you to check out the Lettuce Entertain You Web site if you want delicious restaurant recommendations in Chicago!
The second Mac and Cheese I had was at PorkChop, a bar/restaurant in Chicago's West side known for its barbecue. Great spot to go before heading to a Bulls or Blackhawks game!

At first glance, it looks like the cheesiest, gooiest Mac and Cheese EVER! However, this was not the case when I sunk my teeth into the first spoonful. Why, do you ask?

We ordered the Mac and Cheese as an appetizer for a group, but unfortunately the appetizers were brought out without plates and silverware. By the time we got our utensils, it had been 5-10 minutes that the Mac was sitting out, and unfortunately the cheese dried onto the noodles and it lost its cheesy consistency.

PorkChop, I’ve had great experiences with you and your Mac and Cheese in the past, but please bring out the essentials with your appetizers (i.e. plates and spoons) and this will help customers enjoy your food while it’s still hot!
  • If you’re looking for and craving a meaty Mac and Cheese, try Bub City’s Baby Back Mac
  • If meaty Mac isn’t your style, try Bub City’s Phoebe’s Classic Mac (no meat, just cheese and noodles).
  • I’ve had positive experiences with PorkChop’s Mac and Cheese before, but this last experience left me eating noodles with dried-up cheese.

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