Monday, April 28, 2014

Review: KFC Double Down

KFC brought the Double Down back on the menu starting April 21st, 2014. The Double Down, if you haven't heard, is melted cheese, bacon, and a sauce my taste buds could not identify, all sandwiched between two breaded chicken patties. Since I hadn't tried it when it launched in 2010, I thought, what better time than the present!

After spending $5.94 and waiting 7 minutes to try this infamous sandwich made with chicken patties instead of bread, I was ultimately aghast by the money and time I wasted.

It wasn't a sandwich, really. There wasn't enough bacon and cheese smashed between the patties to call it a sandwich. It was more like, let's spread a thin layer of bacon, cheese, and a strange sauce between two patties and expect someone to eat it like a sandwich, even though you should probably eat both pieces of chicken separately - using the bacon, cheese and sauce like a dip or seasoning.

  • Only try the Double Down for the sake of saying you ate a sandwich which has a lot of controversy surrounding its nutritional content. Otherwise please take you time and money elsewhere - or order something - anything else, really - from the KFC menu.


  1. hmmmm. I thought it was going to be pretty epic but it looks like a bust :(