Sunday, February 5, 2017

Review: Mango Lemonade from TBaar

First, some background on me – I love it when food is presented in fun ways.  Like, a slice of meat loaf that is decorated with condiments and veggies to look like a teddy bear.  Or an ice cream sundae that looks like a clown with a hat made from a sugar cone. 

So it’s no surprise that I wanted to go to TBaar in Chicago when I saw it was home to a place where I could get lemonade served in a light bulb.

TBaar has a few different lemonade flavors, such as cucumber and watermelon, but I was told mango was the most popular so that's how I made my decision to order mango.  Everything is made to order at TBaar, so it takes time to get your drinks (my lemonade took about 5 minutes) but that’s how you know it’s fresh.  So be patient.  

The mango lemonade DOES come in a light bulb, and it also has chunks of fruit in it (mango).  Once I got my finished drink and tried it, it tasted like a tropical beach.  Or maybe Sunny Delight but without as much of a fake flavor.  

Also, since the drink is in a light bulb, you could do something with the light bulb and recycle it.  I've been told some uses for the light bulb include making ornaments and terrariums.  That's definitely ambitious, but I guess people do it.

  • Try the Mango Lemonade at TBaar.  I happened to hit up the Chicago location in Little Italy, but there's a few different locations to choose from.

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