Sunday, January 22, 2017

Review: Cone Ice Cream

Let's talk about dessert.  Have you ever had an ice cream cone covered in Lucky Charms?  I did at Cone in Chicago, and not only was it the most ADORABLE looking ice cream cone ever, but I was able to have my ice cream with one of my favorite breakfast cereals.  See?

Cone's great because they allow you to sample the ice cream before you make your selection.  I clearly felt nostalgic, so after trying an assortment of flavors I chose my cake cone with blue Cookie Monster ice cream.

Like the famous Sesame Street character, the ice cream is bright blue (but it tastes like vanilla) and it contains chunks of Oreo cookies, cookie dough ice cream, and Chips Ahoy cookies.

But what makes Cone unique are its ice cream 'toppings,' like Lucky Charms breakfast cereal.  And you can get them on an ice cream cone as well as an ice cream sundae.  It meshed well with the sugary, cookie taste of the Cookie Monster ice cream.

  • Check out Cone in Chicago if you want some unique ice cream flavors and toppings - just look at my Cookie Monster ice cream with Lucky Charms topping!  
  • I thought prices were steep for ice cream (my cone was over $6 USD), so for me it's a once in awhile treat.

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