Sunday, January 8, 2017

Review: Acai Bowls

Ok, yeah - I know this post is for something 'healthy' and not the traditional Danielle's Dish fare.  But if I like something healthy AND it actually tastes good, then I need to tell the world!

In Hawaii I had the most amazing acai bows at this food truck called Baya Bowls.  First of all, if you ever get the chance you must try the acai bowls at their food truck!  But if you can't, I'm positive there's somewhere nearby where you can try acai bowls to get a feel for the taste (or even make them at home if you find frozen acai at Trader Joe's!)

Second, if you don't know what an acai bowl is, it's a very thick acai berry + fruit smoothie that you eat with a spoon, and then it's topped with granola, various fruits, a drizzle of honey, and then an assortment of other ingredients (flax, cacao, coconut flakes, to name a few).  What's an acai berry you might ask?  Well I think it tastes like a mix between a blueberry and a grape.

The closest thing to homemade acai bowls in the Chicagoland area that I've had are at Mingle Juice Bar in Glenview.  Since they taste exactly like the acai bowls we make at home, the only reason I will go here in the future is if I don't want to cut up all the different kinds of fruit for the top, or blend up the frozen acai in my blender (it stains our counters if any of it comes out of the blender, ugh).

I tried the Blue Monday at Mingle Juice Bar, which is organic acai blended with coconut water, mixed berries, and banana; topped with granola, banana, cacoa nib, seasonal berries, and raw honey.  Doesn't it look refreshing?

  • You must try an acai bowl for a delicious and healthy breakfast, lunch, dinner, snack, date night, after a workout, or with friend!  See if there's somewhere around you that makes them, or else they're fairly simple to whip up at home.
  • And if you are in Hawaii, try the Baya Bowl food truck.  You don't want to miss it for a mind-blowing acai experience.

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