Monday, June 2, 2014

Review: McDonald's Happy Meal Mascot

It's no secret that I enjoy eating McDonald's in certain situations - like when I'm starving, or after a night at the bars with my friends. I think it's the Big Mac Sauce that really hits it home with me. I decided to get a McDonald's Happy Meal since I wanted Taco Bell in addition to McDonald's one night (no joke) and YIKES! This picture from the Happy Meal box is probably the scariest thing I've seen in my life:

What is wrong with the Happy Meal box? The new Happy Meal mascot "Happy" has these bulging googly eyes that look so fake and WIDE OPEN (and why are his eyelids at the bottom of his eyes instead of at the top?) and he has this gigantic smile with these HUGE crazy straight teeth and you can see the slight shadow of a tongue in the back of his mouth that's really pink and strangely real looking.

If you don't already think the new Happy Meal mascot looks scary, just look at what he does when you hold the Happy Meal box in your arms! He looks like a biter:

  • As an adult, the new McDonald's mascot potentially looks like he's about to eat me, as well as haunt me in my dreams
  • If anyone reading this review has kids - what does your child think about this new mascot?

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