Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Review: Maple Bacon Long John

Specialty doughnuts are all over Chicago, and if you haven't tried a Maple Bacon Long John you must try one of these ASAP for breakfast, dessert, or a mid-day snack. I ate this Maple Bacon Long John at Glazed and Infused in Chicago, but I know there are multiple doughnut spots in Chicago (and most likely in other cities) that sell Maple Bacon doughnuts. This one takes the cake (literally). I felt like I was eating breakfast within a doughnut. One of my favorite things to do at breakfast is dip my bacon in the maple syrup I use for pancakes or waffles. This is a way for me to eat my bacon and maple syrup without the sticky mess - and the cake-y part of the doughnut reminded me of the inside of a cake or waffle. So while this doughnut is unique, it definitely won't cure your chocolate or vanilla frosting craving - so save room for a second doughnut if you need to take care of your sweet tooth!


  • If you like pancakes, syrup, and bacon, and typically eat those items on the same plate during breakfast, then you will love the bacon-y, syrup-y combination of the Maple Bacon Long John.

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