Monday, May 5, 2014

Review: Panda Express

Orange Chicken. Chow Mein. Those are the two menu items you must try at Panda Express! The best times to go to Panda Express include: when you want fried Chinese food from a fast food/chain restaurant, when you are hungover, when you want some Orange Chicken because you're craving the taste, or because you want some Chow Mein because you had it once before and it was fantastic.

I'm not going to lie to you and say any of this food tastes authentic. I got the Orange Chicken at a local Chicago Chinese restaurant and was surprised that the Orange Chicken actually tasted like oranges! Actually, a coworker got the beef from Panda Express and the beef tasted almost exactly like the chicken so I can't tell you what's going on there. All I can say is, it's fried goodness and I'll probably be going there for lunch again tomorrow.

  • If you are in the mood for some fast food Chinese food, come to Panda Express and you won't be disappointed! Especially if you order the Orange Chicken and Chow Mein.

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