Thursday, May 15, 2014

Review: Kinder Happy Hippo Candy

I bet you are hungry for dessert or a snack, so if your grocery store has an international foods or an international candy section, check out Kinder Happy Hippo candy! I'm pretty sure the first time I tried this candy was in Europe, and I was ecstatic to see it sold in a pack at my local US grocery store.

It's a wafer shaped like a hippo, and filled with two types of cream filling. One of the fillings is milk-flavored, and the other is hazelnut-flavored. I'm a huge fan of Nutella, so if you feel the same way about Nutella as I do, you'll most likely enjoy this candy. Plus, I mean, come on. This candy is cute and shaped like a hippo, who wouldn't want to eat it!? It's also small, so if you have guilt eating dessert, you shouldn't fret about having this.

With that being said, it doesn't have a strong chocolate flavor so keep that in mind if you have a chocolate craving.

  • If you like the taste of hazelnut, try a Kinder Happy Hippo!

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