Sunday, October 15, 2017

Review: Taco Bell by the Beach

So there's a Taco Bell along Highway 1 in Pacifica, California (just south of San Francisco) - which isn't just ANY Taco Bell - but it's a Taco Bell with the most iconic view.  And tacos definitely taste better when you are eating them on the beach.

So when you are eating a cheesy gordita crunch, it's always better in the sand and when you have sandy feet.

I'm telling you all about this since I didn't know it existed until we went here for a trip recently.  It's probably the best view I've ever had eating at a fast food restaurant; and it makes the tacos taste that much better.

  • If you find yourself in Pacifica, California, stop by the Taco Bell along the ocean.  Even if you don't want Taco Bell, it's worth it to take in the view.

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