Sunday, July 30, 2017

Review: Big Mac Sauce

Yes, you saw that right.  I'm reviewing Big Mac sauce!  Straight from Canada!

Right now, you can only get Big Mac sauce in bottles to take home at Canadian grocery stores.  I'm not sure why they don't have it in the United States because I know it would be a hit (but for real)!  

Luckily I have some amazing co-workers who knew I wanted to try Big Mac sauce and McDonald's other sauces for Danielle's Dish, so they brought some back home to the United States so I could give you all a full review!  In full disclosure, I wanted to try Big Mac sauce on the vessel it is known for - a burger!

So I'll be completely honest, and I think we all already know this, but Big Mac sauce, including the Big Mac sauce in this bottle, tastes exactly like Thousand Island dressing.  Maybe even a bit more mild than some brands of Thousand Island dressing.  

While it was delicious on my burger, I don't need to go completely out of my way to snag another bottle (if, let's say, I haven't been to Canada in awhile to get another one!)

Also stay tuned.  There are also Filet-O-Fish sauces and McChicken sauces at the Canadian grocery stores which I will also be reviewing for you as well!

  • The Big Mac sauce truly tastes like Thousand Island dressing, but it somehow feels better to know the Thousand Island dressing you are eating is coming out of a Big Mac bottle.

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