Sunday, June 11, 2017

Review: Hostess CupCakes

So when you don't have a working kitchen, you realize you end up eating all sorts of things that you wouldn't have eaten in years but are oh so delicious.  Like CupCakes.  Because they are super easy to eat in individual wrappers, and when you are done you just throw away the wrapper, since who wants to deal with cookies that you have to re-package up and put away in your living room because you can't use your kitchen.

Ok so maybe it sounds lazy and I just wanted CupCakes, but it was the perfect excuse for CupCakes for dessert.

These babies tasted just as good as I once remembered - moist from being so processed, vanilla cream filling in the center, and topped with a soft chocolate topping (it's not really a cream, it's more like a softened topping).  And if you want something super chocolate-y, this wouldn't be the thing to get since it's more like a fake type of chocolate taste - but it definitely does the trick!

From a size perspective they aren't huge (and maybe they've gotten smaller over the years to keep up with the times), so I could probably stuff an entire CupCake in my mouth if I really wanted to.

See?  They really aren't that big but again definitely is the right size if you want a dessert!

  • It's a processed CupCake with a fake-ish chocolate icing and vanilla cream in the center.  If you have the craving, it's the same CupCakes we know and love from childhood.

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