Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Review: Walker Bros Apple Cinnamon Pancake

I don’t know about you, but I still can't get over HBO’s Big Little Lies finale from earlier this week.  And because I didn’t read the book, the ending was a total surprise (no spoilers, however if you haven’t watched this show you MUST – it’s only 7 episodes so it’s super easy to get through in a weekend)! 

I’m going to stick with my ‘best brunch around’ posts because I’ve had some amazing brunches recently and I’m not even a breakfast person.  I went to Walker Bros: The Original Pancake House in the Chicago suburbs for a birthday breakfast, and had to have their specialty – an Apple Cinnamon Pancake.  If you can make it to one of the Walker Bros. locations, you have to order this pancake.  If the picture doesn’t sell it in, I don’t know what will.

First of all, this pancake is ginormous, like the size of your head huge.  I made it less than halfway through the pancake, so not much damage (but it made for a perfect lunch at work that week).  The pancake is filled with soft cinnamon apple slices, and covered in a sugar and cinnamon glaze.  Be careful, the first few bites I took into the pancake were extremely hot from the baked apple slices inside the pancake, so watch your mouth.

They also have a take and bake option, so if you don’t have time to eat in at the restaurant, grab a frozen Apple Cinnamon Pancake to make at home!  Additionally, if you want to order this pancake at home even if you aren’t near Chicago, Walker Bros. has a form you can fill out on their Web site to get one shipped.  Good stuff!

  • ·        If you are into sweets and the flavor of apple, try the Baked Apple Pancake at Walker Brothers
  • ·        If you don’t have time to eat in at the restaurant, grab a pancake to take to go!

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