Sunday, March 26, 2017

Review: McDonald's Mac Jr.

I had a hopping weekend.  I spent the second half of my weekend researching appliances like oven hoods, so I'm glad to have this break to chat about the Mac Jr. (because, trust me, no one should spend that long researching oven hoods).

In full transparency I also love Big Mac sauce, so of course when I saw McDonald's was coming out with some new Big Mac options I had to try them.  So I tried the Mac Jr., which is a single burger patty (seemed slightly bigger than the patty on the hamburger or cheeseburger) with cheese, pickles, lettuce, and Big Mac sauce on a sesame seed bun.

However I'm going to be honest here - you aren't missing much because the best Big Mac is really the original Big Mac or adding Big Mac sauce to a cheeseburger or hamburger.  Reason being:
  • The Mac Jr. didn't have enough sauce for the meat/bread ratio, so it tasted dry.
  • I didn't think the sesame seed bun added to the flavor all that much; really the sandwich as a whole was pretty dry.
Per my below picture, the greatest amount of sauce was on the bun:

However, don't be alarmed.  The original Big Mac is still amazing, plus you can still add Big Mac sauce to any menu item for an additional upcharge to get the Big Mac taste you know and love.

  • Instead of the Mac Jr. or any of the other 'specialty' Big Macs, order the original Big Mac or my favorite combination which is a cheeseburger, no pickle, add Big Mac sauce.  The Big Mac sauce alone settles my Big Mac craving, and for less money.

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